Your business is great!  You want to expand, but you need the capital to make it better.  Banks don't seem to trust anyone... but American Business Funders knows who will!  Within a matter of days of receiving an application and your last 3 months of business bank statements, we help you arrange between $5,000 - $2,000,000 of cash directly deposited into your bank account.  How much you make monthly is approximately how much funding we can help you with.  Unsecured, and there is no minimum credit score.  We have a myriad of options at our fingertips to match you with the funding source you need.  All this, and nobody may even pull a credit history!

Easy pay-back as your business grows, in daily, weekly or monthly repayment plans.  Best of all, no prepayment penalties and no late fees - this is not a loan - you sold a portion of your future sales.  Having a slow month?  That's okay - pay next month.  Up-front capital that works with the business's natural growth.

Even if you're not qualified now, you could be qualified next month - and you could even know automatically.  Apply now, and our specialists will match you with a lender that matches your needs.

If you trust yourself, ABF trusts you.  There is no need to tell us what you will use this money for.  Here are some ideas for usage of the capital:

New Employees
Equipment Repair
Working Capital
Buying Out a Partner
Tax Payments
Emergency Situations

Our Solution

American Business Funders, LLC guides you towards large 0% APR credit lines for individuals with decent to excellent credit, starting at $10,000 up to $400,000 through credit lines for people with US Social Security Numbers and great credit.  The 0% APR period lasts for the first 12-24 months on all purchases and some balance transfers.  Ideal for short-term investing and an alternative to angels!  We can even provide up to $500,000 in interest-bearing credit cards, or access to larger secured loans from private investors.


To determine your eligibility, we need to see your extended 3 bureaus credit history.  Our preferred vendor is www.creditchecktotal.com, where you can download your credit history for just $1.  Please see these instructions to learn how to create the whole report in a PDF format.  This check does NOT affect your credit score!  If you would prefer not to enter credit card information, please visit www.freecreditscore.com and www.creditkarma.com to get all 3.

Generally, within 2 business days we will have a prequalification estimate for the amount of credit line we hope that we help create for our client.  We call the banks on behalf of the client, and within 2-6 weeks, you will be fully funded with their new line of credit.

Our services include creating the credit lines, and coaching how to maximize your balance transfers, and even double or triple your limits, and get rates as low as 4% APR for a lifetime of 0 APR balance transfers.


There are zero up-front fees for prequalification.  Any credit line under these terms that the client takes, a consultation fee is taken from the client for a successfully obtaining an open credit line, due in full upon the credit lines creations.  If the credit line is canceled before our client is able to use it, there is no charge.  Much of the credit line can be turned into direct cash, via a Balance Transfer, which carries a fee of 1-4%, depending on the bank.

What's the Catch?

The only payments needed during the initial period will be approximately 1-2% monthly that goes towards the principle of whatever credit has actually been utilized.  After the initial 0 APR period ends, the credit cards charge between 7-22% APR.   We can teach you how to reduce that fee down to 4-6% yearly.

A regular business line of credit will not report to your personal credit.

If you choose a personal line of credit, which will offer more money faster, if the credit line is maximized, it will temporarily affect your credit score - but once it's paid back, it will rebound higher.  Also, we cannot guarantee how much balance transfer cards can be generated, nor how much credit we can obtain.  (We never charge up-front fees.)

Advantages to Our Solution

Once the loans are paid back, your credit worthiness actually increases!  This credit limit is revolving credit, so while the Zero APR period may not last forever, the new credit cards stay, which increases your credit worthiness.  Once you get involved in the 0 APR credit card world, you will get offers for more 0 APR balance transfers perpetually.

Use this credit line unlimited amounts of times without additional fees.  It is unsecured debt.  There are no time limits to paying back – if desired, pay interest on any money taken.  Many credit cards will provide points and frequent flyer mile rewards.

What can I do with the Money?

You’re the Boss!  The funds may be used however you want.  Funding a startup?  Get a few founders together, and take a large credit line.  If after a year not enough profits have been made, move the money to a different founder’s credit line (however, we provide no guarantee the deals will be available).  Give yourself the cushion to hire a marketing professional to make an exit, or successful bid with an angel investor.  Flip a few houses.  Invest in forex.  Get your pet dog heart surgery.  Open a store.  Upgrade your company computers.



Even if your business isn't fantastic, or you want the lowest fixed interest rates, do you have physical assets?  We can match you with collateral-backed, secured loans on property you already have.  Free appraisal and pickup in all 50 states of your assets, and you can benefit from the easiest and cheapest payback plans on the market!  NO MINIMUM CREDIT SCORE REQUIRED.

We fund Real estate backed loans, also.  Rates as low as 3%.  There are far more hoops to jump though, but we'll be there to help!


At American Business Funders, our business is helping your business succeed. We have the reliable relationships to help you forge your path, on your own terms. Whether with a start-up or an existing business, with stellar and not-so-stellar credit, we know the solutions you are looking for.

Run by Micah Markowitz and Lee Miles, we have many years of experience in helping entrepreneurs and startups develop success in their business and personal lives.

Determined to create something better, American Business Funders was formed to help businesses reach that next level at a pace that they determine. With an amazing assortment of contacts in the credit line, banking and merchant cash advance industries, we created a dynamic consultancy that is able to guide you to securing the ideal funding to help bring small, medium and large business, and even startups, into a growing, dynamic powerhouses, without the impossible hurdles banks normally place.

Banks are the place you go when you can prove that you don't need any money.  We have the know-how to get you the most exciting options in the financial world to get you the working capital you need.

At American Business Funders, our business is helping your business succeed. Whether you need a consultation to get large loans to grow your business, need a merchant cash advance or you are in need of private equity investors, we help create the set of services you need to get your business funded quickly and simply. If you trust yourself, we trust you.