Questions Lenders Will Ask

As a liaison to hundreds of clients, my first question is always the following: What can we leverage? We always therefore want to know: – What’s your industry? – Is there any collateral?  Do you even know what there is to collateralize? – What’s your FICO? – What type and amounts of debt do you […]

Types of Loan Consolidation

Here are some scenarios we have found worked for our clients in the past…. 1. Use Real Estate We work with even the unbankable.  A corporate client has had several defaults with lenders, and credit is in the dumps.  We arranged a loan that used existing equity on their personal home that changed their large […]

Amazon Loan Alternatives

An Amazon Loan is a fantastic tool.  Easy paybacks, quick turn-around, revolving around your inventory, and no other collateral is needed.  Sometimes, however, the typical Amazon seller wants to purchase more inventory.  Let’s speak about how…. 1. Term Loan or Cash Advance Very often, the turn-around time to see Return on Investment to an online […]

On Loan Consolidation

Consolidations replace existing debt or advances with new, smarter debt in order to manage your payments to high-interest lenders, either through paying off your funders that you’re paying daily for monthly payments or a Line of Credit with collateral, or lowering your daily payments and freeing up cash-flow. While a merchant cash advance is a […]

What is a Line of Credit?

A line of credit is the best version of working capital.  Term loans are only good for specific business purposes and purchases. Let’s first talk about the amounts.  While a term loan offers higher amounts and perhaps a longer term and therefore lower monthly payments, it’s so much debt up-front that who knows what type […]

Startup Capital for Contractors

Can I Factor a Government Contract? The correct answer is: We can get you startup, mobilization capital, exactly what you want, but you didn’t ask the correct question. Why Can’t I Factor it? Factoring is a particular type of financing using your invoices as collateral towards a line of credit. However, factors are only purchased […]