Virtual Checking Account

The Genie Card

Turn a Cellphone into a Loadable Gift Card

Designed for merchants deemed "too high risk" by the banks and credit card processing companies due to federal legislation, assumed risk of fraud and charge-backs or just plain politics, we are proud to offer the Genie Card as the new choice for high risk payment processing.

The Genie Card is a virtual gift card with complete privacy, convenience and security, designed specifically for un-banked merchants and their customers; a gift card which doesn't give a merchant any personal information – not even a name.  With free, instantaneous in-store or online setup, and the ability to load their Genie Gift Card simply from any credit or debit card, customers will buy more products, by actually using their newly loaded gift card for purchases, instead of cash.  Nobody wants to lose a sale because the customer doesn't have enough cash on them.

The customer's Genie Card is billed completely through SMS messages from a cashier's web-based POS on their computer, smartphone or tablet to the customer's phone.  All funds are instantly deposited into the store's CashBox, available for immediate use.  Reduce the annoyance and danger of liquid cash in-store, and save on cash-handling fees.  Boost sales by allowing clients to have a simple non-cash solution, all without any hardware, long-term contracts, reserve funds or a traditional a high-risk merchant account.

  • Cash is available immediately. Access funds instantly upon in-store transactions.

  • NO rolling reserve requirements

  • Charge clients in US DOLLARS (not in BitCoin)

  • 2-minute setup and NO membership fees

  • "No - You do NOT have to pay with cash only anymore"

Currently only offered for the Cannabis and online Pharmaceuticals industry. Take credit cards, generate better revenue, don't be stuck as a cash-only company.

Checking Account Solution for the Unbankable

The Genie CashBox is an eWallet solution that allows merchants and vendors to literally e-mail a check to anyone with absolutely no risk of overdraft, forgery, or any of the other risks of a traditional checking account.  It is completely secure, and offers a complete reporting system to interact with any accounting software.

GenieChecks are fully negotiable checks, payable against the funds in Genie CashBox. GenieChecks may be: printed and deposited as an ordinary check in a standard bank; sent as email attachments or printed and mailed to third parties; or deposited electronically using any financial institutions Smartphone app.  Pay employees, landlords, utility bills, vendors and even yourself.

Vendors can even bill merchants directly from their bank accounts and have payments made immediately with no risk of overdraft, lost wires or ACH waiting periods.

  • NO credit card or bank account needed

  • No credit check

  • Designed with high risk industries in mind

  • Activation within 1 business day

Each GenieCheck costs just $1.50, and P2P payments CashBox to CashBox are FREE.

Traditional high risk bank accounts take large fees and frozen reserve funds, while the Genie CashBox simply costs a one-tme $19.95 setup fee and $19.95 per month, regardless of industry.  Load your new CashBox with a check or wire, or at a cash drop-off point.  Cash is no longer king.

Reduce Your Cash Burden and Increase Accountability

The cannabis industry is overflowing with cash and nowhere to put it.  The pharmaceutical companies won't let you process credit cards.  How do you get paid?  How do you ensure cashiers won't steal?  How do you prove your tax burden during an audit?  How can you pay your employees who might be all over the world?  There are so many burdens that come along with cash, like bullet-proof glass and armored car pickup, if you're lucky enough to have a bank.  Pay your employees and landlord with an email.  REDUCE YOUR CASH BURDEN NOW.