Credit Repair

One Flat Fee

Start saving money on your Auto Loan and Mortgage today!

No matter how bruised or damaged your credit is, we can fix everything.  

One thing we have learned in our 20 years and over 10,000 clients is that not all credit repair services are created equal. Most credit repair companies do just enough to satisfy their agreements with their clients often leaving a client unsatisfied with the result they paid for.

There are methods that are upwards to 85% successful in removing negative items that 95% of the credit repair companies out there do not know about and the ones who do ignore these techniques because they are not cost effective.  Our unique blend of solutions allow us to bring it to our clients for one flat fee.

We can remove Bankruptcy, Judgments, Liens, Collections, Late Payments and more!

No monthly fees, one low rate or pay-by-removal, discounts available for small cases.  Start building your future within 60 days.


Date of Birth

Items Needed to verify identity

Credit Report Copy of Photo ID Copy of Social Security Card

Copy of a utility bill that matches an address on your credit report:

American Business Funders LLC through its service provider Tradebloc Inc. or other affiliate will perform Advance Credit Repair. Set up and to fully perform all credit repair work takes 3 business days from the time you check this box and provide us with all return items we requested. No payment will ever be charged until the work is fully performed. We will charge your credit card, bank or PayPal account on the 4th day. Price is $100 per negative item for start of work (minimum $400), and up to $400 paid after success per negative removed. There is no monthly fee, and we strive to be done within 60 days.